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Our Story

Welcome to Salty Dogs Bakery and Boutique, we are "A Gourmet Pet Bakery" located in the heart of "The Friendliest Seaside Town in America", Southport NC.  

After 25 years apart, we reunited and soon after, moved to Southport in May of 2015 from Lake Lure, NC.  Our kids are grown and/or live back in Western NC and our house was feeling a little too empty.  That was when we found Scout, our first chocolate lab.  He was the last of the litter and needed a good home. Turns out, we needed him too!  Soon after coming home, it became obvious that Scout was going to be our little problem child.  It seemed the more we tried to spoil and reward him with what we thought was good food and healthy treats, the worse his condition became.  After several trips to our local veterinarian's office and lots of research, it was determined that he was having allergic reactions caused specifically from his diet. The more researched the commercial dog food industry, the more we became aware of the outsourcing that frequently takes place within it and thus many of the foods they produce contain some of the top allergens for pets.  Out of love for a dog and all pets alike...for Scout and the desire to spoil as many pets as we responsibly can - Salty Dogs Bakery and Boutique was born!

Scout is doing much better these days!  We only feed our family and offer yours the most wholesome, nutritious and healthy ingredients in the treats we make and the products we offer to help promote a long healthy and happy life.  

Shortly after getting Scout on track, both of us working now more than ever, we decided that he could use a friend.  After waiting 6 longs weeks, we drove 15 hours through several states to finally meet Birdie, our second chocolate lab and now Scout's inseparable best friend!

In early fall of 2016 we found a kitten orhpaned in an old boat behind her store. She had not yet opened her eyes.  We bottle fed and raised her to good health and named her appropriately, Sailor.  She is now very full of life and just as Salty as the rest of us.  She is officially the second cat as adopted a stray cat affectionately named Kiki by the neighborhood kids that has been living under our front porch at the waterfront since we moved here.  For now our family is complete.

Come visit us in our new location in downtown Southport, NC and see what Scout's Corner has to offer, browse Birdie's Boutique for the latest fashions or maybe you will even find that special gift or treat in Sailor's P-u-r-r-visions!

We hope to see you soon!

Michael, Shea, Scout, Birdie, Kiki and Sailor